Our Investment Fundamentals

We invest in companies in the premium and luxury goods sector in the fashion, sports fashion, accessories, and beauty and wellness segments. We take an interest
in brands that move us emotionally. We make our investment decisions according to criteria based on our entrepreneurial self-image and our own convictions and values.

Capacity for Internationalization
When contemplating an acquisition, the market potential of the company in question is a foremost consideration. This includes, as a rule, the possibility of international expansion. Good prospects and a clear product concept are important brand requirements in this regard.

Majority Stake
We are actively engaged in our businesses, work hand-in-hand with our partners, and want to be able to influence company and product strategies, thus we aim to achieve a majority stake or to acquire entire enterprises. This can also mean a step-by-step takeover in the framework of a succession solution.

Experience has shown us that companies with independent, vertical product and sales structures have the greatest potential for further development and value creation. It follows that we are especially interested in companies that display a high degree of independent verticality.

Cultural Roots
Our entrepreneurial experience has taught us that distinctive cultural features lend significant substance and solidity. We thus give preference to enterprises that, like ours, have their roots in a family business and are based in German-speaking Europe.