An Evolutionary
Lifestyle in Luxury

Inspired by cutting-edge fashion and
visionary sportswear detailing, Jet Set is a label
founded on high-performance luxury.
It has always sought to fuse fashion with function, transforming modern perceptions of luxury with forward-thinking, design-lead clothing.
Invention is key, with innovative fabrics and
exciting construction reworking easy, wearable
sportswear with a touch of the future.
Jet Set has been a cult brand with the European cognoscenti for almost fiftyyears: the esteemed clientele has included suitably Jet Set icons such as Gunter Sachs, Gianni Agnelli and Grace Kelly, drawn to the brand‘s tradition of invention as well as its stylish flair.

We invest in brands with a strong potential for internationalization and a distinctive character. Our participation will see the successful Jet Set concept applied to an entire lifestyle and distributed in the most prominent cities worldwide.

Our Investment Goal
To establish Jet Set on an international level as an evolving concept of contemporary luxury leisure lifestyle expanding its limits ever-further.

Jet Set: Lifestyle in Luxury Sportswear.